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Luv longer legs — apparently you’re not alone. According to a study from researchers at Wroclaw University in Poland, both men and women are more attracted to people who have longer legs. For generations men have been captivated by women with longer legs, and now the latest research validates that conventional wisdom.

More than 200 male and female volunteers were asked by researchers to score the attractiveness of male and female images. The pictures contained men and women all the same height, but with various leg lengths from 5% – 15% more than the average leg length.

Broken into three groups, 5%, 10% and 15% longer legs, the majority preferred legs 5% longer. 10% percent longer followed behind in second place.

“Legginess is something that we know men prefer in mates. The news in this research is that women prefer longer legs in mates,” said Associate Psychology Professor Martie Haselton from UCLA.

The attraction in longer gams has long been featured in advertisements, models and Hollywood, no better example than “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts.

According to another study, the perfect proportion for a woman’s leg to her upper body is 1.4 times. But wait…lengthy gams don’t just make for a heavenly body, but also has shown they make for healthier people.

“Shorter legs are associated with certain diseases … type 2 diabetes … cardiovascular diseases, so people might prefer slightly longer legs because they are indicative of health,” Haselton said.

So if you have long legs, and know how to use them, someone might be paying attention to you…and your longer legs.

Ways To Longer Legs and Increase Height

Don’t despair, there are some easy ways to increase your height, and more importantly give the appearance of longer legs for both men and women.

High Heels For Longer Legs

longer legs in high heelsThere is nothing more sexy than a perfect pair of legs, and women around the globe have been grateful for the benefit of Leonardo Da Vinci and his invention of the high-heel shoe. So when you put on a pair of pumps, stilettos, ankle strap heels, wedge heels or sling back heels, wearing those heels has it's benefits, such as:

  • accentuating the appearance of the calves
  • changes posture giving the wearers a seductive gait
  • increases height anywhere from 2.5 to 6 inches
  • gives the appearance of longer legs
  • makes the feet appear smaller

Elevator Shoes For Increased Height

Elevator shoes are shoes that, as the name suggests, "elevate" the wearers height. The shoes typically have thick heels, plus special insoles used to make the wearer appear taller. Unlike traditional heeled shoes, elevator shoes also increase the wearers height is inside the shoe, hiding it from observers. Articles appear with some frequency, about some of Hollywood's shorter actors being seen on red carpets in shoes that suspiciously increase their height up to 5 inches taller.

Height Increasing Insoles

High heels work great for women, and elevator shoes are great for the guys, but what about something to use in your eveyday shoes. That is where height increasing insoles come into play...and work great for all sexes. Height increasing insoles come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. Like high heels they work great for women who want the appearance of longer legs in everday shoes and sneakers. And for the men who want to gain a couple inches in height, they work great in sneakers to work boots and will help increase self confidence.

Love Longer Legs in Height Increasing Insoles
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